Shocking Twist in Kumkum Bhagya

In the forthcoming chapter, Tanu(Leena jumani ) will blame Praghya for having an affair with Champak and says that she was ocnce pregnant with his baby but she get the abortion done.

Pragya gets shocked to listen this and slaps Tanu, Tanu tells Abhi that Praghya s cheating on him and she is characterless.
Tanu says that she wants to take Abhi’s money and after making him bankrupt, she wants to settle down with Champak.
Abhi is confused and is not able to understand that whom he should believe.

Abhi to propose Pragya

As per the current track Nikhil’s men enters the party to start his plan, Tanu is happy plans to take her insults revenge from Pragya by insulting her before all in the part.
Dadi sees Tanu-Nikhil talking to each other, Purab and Dadi gets worried seeing them.

Abhi gets excited and comes down to propose Pragya sees her dancing with someone, prepares to say his heart out before Pragya.
Stay tuned to see the upcoming twist.

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