Shocking Twist in Swaragini

The forthcoming chapter of Colors Show  Swaragini will show that Sanskaar has disguises himself as singer Kisan who came from Patna.
Swara(Helly shah) meets to Kisan and finds him innocent but she is irritated by his weird dressing style.

Kisan says to  Swara that he wants to participate in competition but problem is that he can sing only duel song so he needs a partner.
Swara is ready to teach Kisan and Kisan starts singing Ramaiyya Vastavaiyya in tuneless way which makes Swara tensed.

Swara allows Kisan stay in her house

Kisan praises his singing quality but he gets upset when Swara tells him that he is very bad in singing.
Kisan decides to kill himself and Swara stops him  doing it.

Swara also promises Kisan becoming his partner and allows her to stay in her house.

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