Shocking Twist in Swaragini

In the forthcoming episode, police comes to arrest Swara for killing Sanskar, everybody gets shocked and Sanskar’s mother gets shattered.

Sanskar’s mother starts shouting at Swara for kiilng her son and gets angry on her but Ragini tries to defend Swara, she says that Swara cannot kill Sanskar.
Swara tries to prove herself inncocent by saying that she did not kill Sanskar but police does not believes her.

Police takes her but Ragini tries to stop them saying that she is innocent, Sanskar comes when they are about to take her.
Everybody gets happy and reliefed to see him alive, Sanskar’s mom hugs him and police does not arrest Swara.

Sahil says to  that Sanskar is Kisan

Sahil on the other hand says that Sanskar  is living in Swara’s house as Kisan and everyone get shocked.
Sahil says to Swara that if she trusts him then let us go and check in your house Kisan won’t be there as Sanskar is here.
Stay tuned to see the upcoming twist.

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