Shocking Twist in Tashan - E - Ishq

The forthcoming chapter of  Zee Tv’s Tashan E Ishq will show that Yuvi is trying hard to sort out problem in Sarna family and winning Twinkle’s friendship back.
Sarna family gets an offer of wedding where Yuvi manages to entertain the bridegroom family which makes Sarna family happy.

Yuvi dances with actress Aneri Vajani on the song Gall Gudia and not only this he brings entire Sarna family together on the dance stage.
Yuvi finds difficult to melt down Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin)

Yuvi tries to prove Twinkle that he has changed but it is not quite easy for Yuvi to do it.
Sarna family starts to believe on Yuvi who is taking care of them after Kunj’s death.

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