Swaragini :Swara gets shocked Because....

In Colors Swaragini Sanskar tries to get Swara's memory back and finally Swara's memory comes back

In the upcoming episode, Sanskar kidnaps Swara in order to explain her that he is inncocent and he has not done anything wrong.

They both get stuck in the jungle so they go inside one room in the jungle and there Sanskar is trying to bring Swara’s memory back.
Sanskar is also trying to explain her that he is not a murderer and he loves her a lot, he can never hurt her.

Swara gets shocked

Swara’s memory comes back and she hugs Sanskar but Sahil comes there, he thinks that now Swara will go with Sanskar and away from him.

So Sahil points gun at Swara and says that he loves her a lot, he says that Swara is only his and he will take her away from Sanskar.
Sanskar and Swara gets shocked, Sanskar requests Sahil so that he does not hurts Swara.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

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