Swaragini : Swara hates Sanskaar and decides....

Shocking drama is going to happen in Swara and Sanskaar’s life in the forthcoming episode of Swaragini.
Swara & Kisan participate in India’s Got Talent where Kisan crazy dances and sings on the stage.
Due to dance, Kisan’s wig falls down and Swara is shocked seeing Kisan being Sanskaar.
Swara angrily comes out while Sankaar tries to make understand about the reason behind why he became Kisan.
But Swara feels betrayed and does not listen anything of Sankaar.

Swara hates Sanskaar and decides to divorce him

Swara continue bad mouth to Sankaar and decides to take legal action against him.
Not only this, Swara also demands divorce from Sanskaar which makes Sanskaar shattered.
Swara is suffering from memory loss where she understands Sanskaar is killer.
Will Sanskaar divorce Swara or get another way to find Swara back?

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