This is What Happened In Zee Tv's Kumkum Bhagya

In Zee Tv’s Kumkum Bhagya shows that Abhi beats Champak and threatens him to throw him from stairs.
Champak tells Abhi that someone given money to him doing affairs drama with Pragya.
Abhi forces Champak to the person name but Champak manages t escape from his clutches.

Everyone runs to catch Champak and Nikhil gives a rod to Champak and ask to hit him when everyone comes there.
Champak hits on Nikhil’s head and runs away from there and Tanu’s feet get stuck and she falls and gets unconscious.

Tanu gets admitted and Nikhil also makes his treatment.
Purab and Akash warn Nikhil that they will soon find evidence again him but Nikhil thinks that he did not left any clue against him.
Abhi apologizes to Pragya for doubting at him but Pragya tells him that she was also wrong so no need to feel sorry.

Pragya meets her friends Sheela who is a gynecologist and Pragya explains her about how Tanu trapped Abhi making him as her baby’s father but Nikhil is her baby’s father in real.
Abhi flirts with nurse knowing about Dr Sheela’s cabin meeting Pragya.
Sheela tells Pragya that she is a gynecologist tand she can expose Tanu by DNA test.

Dr Sheela helps Pragya exposing Tanu

Pragya is happy getting a ray of exposing Tanu and ABhi interrupts them.
Pragya tells Abhi to go in rain having tea and samosa and Abhi agrees to enjoy rain with tea.

Sheela asks nurse to prepare for some test while nurse objects on test but Sheela tells her that Tanu's husband asks for it.
Pragya makes Abhi busy talking about Champak.
Sheela informs Pragya as everything is done.

In Coming Episode Pragya will Show Tanu’s Dna Test and Abhi Will Know The Truth of tanu’s Pregnancy 
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