Upcoming Twist and Turns In Kala Teeka

Yug (Rohan Gandotra) tries to find clues about his and Kaali's (Simran Pareenja) marriage swap 
The forthcoming episode will show that Kaali has finally managed to save Yug life by taking him to hospital on time.
Leela thanks Kaali for helping and saving Yug's life but Gauri is irked with this, calls her just a Kaala Teeka.
Gauri is irked seeing Leela getting inclined towards Kaali and thus plans to trap her by instigating family against Leela.
Kaali again manages to save Leela by using Pandit, but Yug doubt's something wrong and awkward.

Yug struggles to find truth 

Yug tries to question Pandit about Kaali's marriage and his statement that they against Kaali.
Pandit refuses to answer anything but Yug's doubt increases on him, Yug will now inquire about swapping in his marriage.
Let's see will Yug find truth that is about Leela's involvement in Kaali-Gauri's marriage swap.

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