Upcoming Twist in Diya Aur Baati Hum

In the forthcoming chapter, Suraj gets admitted in the hospital and doctor declares that he has got paralyzed.
Sandhya(Deepika ) gets shocked and shattered to see Suraj’s condition and she looks after him,she is trying to make him back to normal.

Suraj has always looked after Sandhya whenever she got hurt or she was unwell now for the first time Suraj has got injured so Sandhya is looking after him.
Sandhya is not able to see him in such a situation and she has got completely shattered, she just wants that Sooraj gets well soon and everything gets back to normal.

Everyone wants to see Suraj get well soon

Sandhya wants Suraj to get well as soon as possible as he is the strength of the family and he is the back bone of the family.
The whole family is shattered and wants to see Suraj to get well soon.

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