Upcoming Twist in Tashan - E - Ishq

The forthcoming episode of Tashan E Ishq will show that Twinkle unaware about Kunj is alive and misses him badly.
Twinkle is pregnant and family decides to get her married with Yuvi for baby’s safety.

Twinkle does not want get married with Yuvi but she agrees for her baby’s sake.
On the other hand, Kunj reaches to Sarna house after plastic surgery and is shocked seeing his Twinkle is getting married Yuvi.
Yuvi and Twinkle get married in front of Kunj while Kunj helplessly watches all the drama.

Kunj (Naman Shaw) feels Twinkle betrayed him

Kunj goes from there but later he feels that Yuvi did all this purposely.
Kunj also feel Twinkle betrayed her as she did not wait for him.

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