Very Shocking Twist in Dehleez

The forthcoming chapter will show that Government officials finds their fault in Asad's encounter.
Swadheenta is also trying to prove Asad innocent, but facing many troubles in its path.

Ministers asks Manohar to hide government's fault by proving Asad as terrorist.
Yash plants fake evidences in Jilani house to trap Haider and Asad Jilani in terrorist case.

Swadheenta's doubt grew stronger 

Swadheenta doubt's Yash's and army's raid and Allan Broad's statement in a sudden rush.
Swadheenta doubt's government's fault in misunderstanding Asad as terrorist and killing him.

Swadheenta tries to use media in this, takes paddy's help to make the world know that Government is hiding something.
Let's see will Swadheenta be able to fight against the government to get justice for her brother Asad.

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