Very Shocking twist in Gangaa

The forthcoming episode will show that Sagar and Ganga meets their childhood friend Ragini.

Ganga is concerned for her seeing her metal condition and takes care of her.
Ammaji fixes Ganga and Sagar's marriage alliance, Ganga is very happy and hugs Ammaji.
Ammaji finally accepted their love and is ready to make her bahu of Chaturvedi house.

Ganga-Sagar's new beginning 

Ganga gets emotional while Sagar is happy to finally get his love of life Ganga.
While love will not going to be do easy for Sagar and Ganga as Ragini's entry will bring in trouble.

Ragini used to love Sagar in childhood and will try to get him again, will create trouble for Ganga and Sagar.

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