Very Shocking Twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

In Star Plus Show Yeh Hai Mohabbtein Ruhi’s custody drama will bring more tough times for Raman and Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.
Entire Bhalla and Iyyer family are united just to get Ruhi back and Romi-Raman also behaves nicely in front of Ruhi.

They invite Ruhi on dinner where they try to prove her that everything is sort out between them.
Ishita and Raman give a legal paper to Ruhi where they named property on her.
But Ruhi gets angry on them for trying to throw her from property but making her sign on these papers.

Raman is shocked paper is changed and tries to make Ruhi understand that it is not real paper.
Ruhi insults Raman and Ishita for betraying her and leaves the house in anger.

Ashok (Sangram Singh) provokes Ruhi asking Bhalla house from Raman

Apart from this, Ashok and Nidhi brainwash Ruhi’s mind by asking her to Raman about making Bhalla house her name.
Ruhi demands Raman of Bhalla house and take his sign on some legal papers.
What will Ishita do now to free Ruhi from Nidhi’s clutches?

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