WTF Happening In Kumkum Bhagya

The current episode of Kumkum Bhagya shows that Tanu says that Abhi has read all the love letters written in bouquets and says that he must have written these love letters.

Pragya(Sirti Jha ) asks Tanu to show proof and Tanu reveals that she has taken Nikhil’s help to find Pragya's truth, she shows all photographs of Pragya and Champak.

Nikhil refuses to accept anything, Akash loses his temper and raise hand on Nikhil but Nikhil warns him that he will trap them as well if he get involved in this.
Pragya asks Abhi to trust her and Abhi says that he was thinking to propose her and she did this to him.

Pragya gets shattered

Pragya gets shocked to know that Abhi believes Champak and Pragya also says that yes she loves him as he also loves her and don't questions her, Abhi raises hand on Pragya Dadi stops Abhi.

Abhi leaves from party while Pragya sits on floor and cries after what all happened.
In the upcoming episode, Abhi removes all photographs of Pragya from wall.
Dadi motivates Pragya to fight back against Tanu. And Pragya Will Succeed In Exposing Tanu 

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