WTF Happening In Tashan - E - Ishq

Twinkle gets angry on Kunj's manager as she was waiting for Rocky and he did not came to meet her

In the upcoming episode, Twinkle gets angry on Kunj’s manager and says that if did not had time to meet us then he should have informed us earlier.
She says that we are waiting her for him from such a long time and he didn’t even said sorry before leaving,servant gives flowers to Twinkle and she thinks that how do Rocky know that my mood will change seeing these flowers.
As per the current track Twinkle breaks her krwachauth fast seeing Kunj’s pic and it is shown that even after 5 years Twinkle has not yet moved on and she still loves Kunj.

Twinkle still loves Kunj

Twinkle says thank you to Yuvi for giving her space and says that they got married because of her baby but now when she has lost her baby also then we should break this marriage.
Stay tunes to see the upcoming twist.

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