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Pragya shows the original report of DNA test of Abhi and Tanu’s baby. She claims that Tanu is not pregnant with Abhi’s baby and shows the report. Tanu and Nikhil get shocked. Tanu brings fake report which proves Abhi to be her baby’s father. Abhi is confused whom to believe. 

Tanu feigns to faint to get some time to plan against Pragya. Nikhil gets concerned for Tanu and asks someone to give water. Abhi senses his concerned for Tanu. Pragya understands Tanu is acting. 

Abhi got to know Pragya’s truth and Tanu’s lie is exposed. Abhi and Pragya’s romance will be seen again. Abhi and Pragya have a romantic dance in a party. They are very much in love. Everyone praise the couple. Abhi and Pragya express feelings via an eyelock. All doubts in Pragya and Abhi’s hearts got cleared.
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