Bad News For Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Fans

Enough of ignoring, Ishwari will finally confront Dev and Sonakshi
Till yesterday’s episode Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) had maintained an indifferent attitude towards Dev(Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi’s(Erica Fernandes) relationship. Inspite of several reminders by Radha (Alka Mogha), Ishwari refused to doubt her darling son’s loyalties. But things are going to change now onwards.

For the first time we saw Ishwari getting angry on seeing Dev-Akshi together. Her displeasure and annoyance was visible on her face when she caught them together in yesterday’s episode. She was surprised to see that Dev was wasting his time in doing trivial things like finding her anklet when there were so many important things to do.

In the upcoming episodes we will get to see a different side of Ishwari. The one who has always been calm, sweet and polite will now turn strict and snappy. During the course of Neha and Rajbeer’s wedding rituals, she’ll notice Dev and Sonakshi’s closeness. She will be reminded of all the things Radha had told her about them. She will have no other choice but to believe all that she had heard of her son and Dr. Bose.

She will wait for the wedding rituals to get over peacefully and then will indirectly accuse Sonakshi of taking interest in Dev’s life. She will ask her to focus more on the work Dev appointed her for rather than taking interest in his personal life. Ishwari will also start avoiding Dev and would make her displeasure obvious through her behaviour.

Dev and Sonakshi will be shocked to see Ishwari’s changed behaviour. Sonakshi will distance herself from Dev to prevent any kind of rift between mother and son. We will have to wait for the future episodes to see whether Dev will be able to have both the ladies in his life or not.

Meanwhile, Neha and Rajbeer’s wedding rituals will go on full swing. Today’s episode will see everybody enjoying at the Mehendi ceremony. All females would get mehandi designs made on their hands. Nikki would ask Sona if she has inscribed anyone’s name in her mahendi. Neha will interrupt her and say that how will she as she hasn’t found her life partner yet. Sona will blush and will silently leave to show her mehendi to Dev. But, Radha Rani will see her going towards Dev’s room and will follow her.

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