Bad News for Yeh Hai Mohabbtein Fans

Mani makes Ishita realizes that she should go to Australia now and so she packs her bag to go to Australia

In the upcoming episode, Mani makes Ishita realize that this is Shagun’s house and she should leave this house else it will become difficult for her to leave the house.

So Ishita feels that he is right and packs her bags to leave for Australia with Mani.

As per the current track Mr.Bhallla goes to Mrs.Iyers house to celeberate as everything has got fine, she asks to drink milk and she drinks wine.

Ishita gets emotional

Raman attends the call and Anil asks the goons to leave from the city, Raman suspects the boss to be Anil Nagpal.

Ruhi decides to leave the house but just then Mani comes there and makes her realize that Ishita did not do anything wrong seven years ago.

Ishita gets emotional hearing Mani and Ruhi’s conversation.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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