Finally Rocky Truth Out In Front Of.....

Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvi (Zain Imam) togather reveals the truth of Rocky (Naman Shaw) in Tashan E Ishq
Twinkle is seen saying Yuvi that she felt the touch of Kunj when Rocky touched him.

Yuvi is seen unhappy with Twinkle's revealation, but he somehow swollows the truth.

Pallavi is seen entering Twinkle's room and gives Twinkle a hint about Rocky only being Kunj.

Twinkle and Yuvi sence the air to be fishy and decide to investigate the matter further.

Yuvi heads Goa and Twinkle searches Rocky's room.

Twinkle does not get anything, but Yuvi comes to know by investigating that Rocky is their Kunj.

Twinkle looses her self control after knowing that Rocky is her Kunj. Yuvi controls her.

Yuvi is seen praying for Twinkle.

Meanwhile in morning Twinkle start asking Pallavi all sorts of questions and makes her confess the truth.

Leela comes to know the truth as well

In the upcoming episode as and when Yuvi and Twinkle will be talking about Rocky, Leela hears over and can't control herself.

What will happen after Leela knowing the truth about Rocky?

What will be the families reaction towards Rocky aka Kunj?
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