Good News For Kasam Tere Pyar Ki Fans

In Colors Show Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Rishi-Tanu and Pawan-Tanvi are getting married and they exchange garlands

In the forthcoming episode, Rishi tells Tanvi that he will only marry her and nobody else.

Tanvi thinks that Rishi has gone crazy but he says that but Rishi swears to his love and says that he will only marry her.
Tanvi scolds Rishi and tells him not to do anything else it will not be good for him.
Everybody gets in the arrangement of Tanu, Rishi, Tanvi and Pawan’s marriage.

Pawan and Tanu are happy

Tanvi and Tanu get ready in beautiful bridal attire for their wedding.
Tanu-Rishi and Tanvi-Pawan exchange garlands with each other, everyone claps.

Pawan gets happy as what he wanted is happening, he always wanted to marry Tanu and today his plan is getting successful.
Tanu is also happy as she is getting married to Rishi and she always wanted to marry him.

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