Good News For Yeh Hai Mohabbtein Fans

 Ishita returns home safely after two days and Raman gets happy, Bhalla family welcomes Ishita

In the upcoming episode, finally the kidnapping drama will end and Ishita will return home.

Actually Ishita’s bori gets exchanges with potato bori and Ishita reaches in someone’s family.

The members of the family feel that someone is asking for help from the bori so they open it and Ishita comes out.

Everyone gets shocked and then they make her sit, gives her some water to drink.

Ishita gets scared

They ask her how did she come inside the bori then she tells that she was kidnapped and since two days she is in the bori.

Ishita is scared and feels that the kidnappers must be searching for her so she says that they will come again and kidnap her.

The family tries to calm her down and gives her sewayi as it is the occasion of eid.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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