Mindblowing twist in Kasam Tere Pyar Ki

Tanu (Kratika Sengar) dies in Rishi's (Ssharad Malhotra) arms as the family mourns her death in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

In the upcoming story its clearly portrayed that Tanu is the one who is going to save Rishi's life.

The story was outlayed the way to show that Tanu is the life saver of Rishi.

Tanu and Rishi are seen happy eating at a nearby eatery and the goons kidnap Rishi.

Tanu runs behind the goons and tries to beat them when the goons make her smell chloroform and she too is been kidnapped.

Kidnappers call Rishi's home and demand for money.

However, somehow Rishi and Tanu manage to escape the goons.

Both are seen going on bike happily once again, when all of a sudden Sandy and Neha appear from nowhere and fires on Rishi.

Tanu takes the bullet on her which is meant for Rishi and takes her last breadth.

Tanu's sudden death

The upcoming episodes will show Tanu's sudden death in Rishi's arms.

Tanu's death will create a major impact over Rishi.

How strong will be the impact and what will be the families reaction?

Will Rishi be able to overcome Tanu's death and proceed on in his life?

Stay tuned for further developments.
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