Sarna family is shocked Tashan - E - Ishq

In Zee Tv’s Tashan-e-ishq: Kunj (Naman Shaw) traps Yuvi (Zain Imam) in Twinkle's kidnapping charges 

The forthcoming episode will show that Kunj has returned in Twinkle-Yuvi's life to create trouble them.
Kunj is doing all what he can do to bring trouble in Twinkle-Yuvi's life to take his revenge.

Twinkle gets kidnapped and kidnappers asks Yuvi to free Anita in return of Twinkle.
Yuvi loves Twinkle and is ready to do anything to safeguard her from danger.
Kunj evil plan 

Yuvi gets Anita free by using his trick and makes Anita runaway from jail, Sarna family is shocked.

Kunj is happy seeing this as he is doing all this to trap Yuvi in all this fraud case.
Kunj wants to show Yuvi's real face before Sarna family and makes them doubt on Yuvi.

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