Shocking Twist in Swaragini

Swara(Helly Shah) blames Parineeta for all that is happening and slaps her

In the upcoming episode, Parineeta asks Swara if she wants to throw someone else and Swara slaps her.

Swara blames Parineeta for everything and Parineeta says that there is some truth which is still hidden and Ragini gets tensed.

Lakshya says Parineeta that when will she change her nature of doing all these things.

As per the current track Swara hugs Sanskar and says that she can’t live without him, Swara feels guilty that she trusted Sahil and raise hand on him because of Sahil.

Swara cries

But Sanskar says that it is not your mistake because Sahil took the advantage of your memory loss.

 Ragini talks to Lakshya that she should tell Swara about her fake pregnancy and then they get shocked to see Sujata standing at the door.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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