Shocking twist in Swaragini

In Colors Show Swaragini Sahil kidnaps Swara and asks her to beileve him that he has changed and does not wants to hurt her

In the upcoming episode, Sahil kidnaps Swara and Swara gets shocked as well as panic to know that Sahil has kidnapped her.

Sahil says to Swara that he does not want to harm her and he has changed but Swara does not believe Sahil.

Sahil wants Swara to say that she loves him but Swara loves only Sanskar.

Sahil’s mom tries to explain Swara but he does not believe Sahil and she just wants to go to Sanskar.

Swara tries to escape

Swara tries to escape from there so that he can go to Sanskar.

As per the current track Sujata scolds Ragini for not taking of herself, Ragini fears that Parineeta might tell the truth to the family.

Parineeta threatens Ragini that she will tell the truth to the family but Ragini says that they will not believe you.

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