Shocking Twist in Tashan - E - Ishq

In Zee Tv’s Tashn-E-Ishq Twinkle gets drunk in the dinner party and falls unconscious, Kunj takes her from there in his arms
In the upcoming episode, Twinkle gets drunk in the party and asks the troop that you called this troop right.

Twinkle falls on floor unconscious and Kunj tells his guest that Twinkle is her wedding planner, she has drink a lot.
Kunj takes her in his arms and goes from there.
As per  the current track Kunj goes in conference where media asks him about his engagement but Kunj says that he wants to show them a video.
Yuvi gets angry

Yuv plays the DVD and it shows the pics of Twinkle and Kunj close, Twinkle gets tensed and Yuvi switches the tv off.

Yuvi asks Twinkle to ignore what all media said and Kunj says that you are right; he asks her did you really make the MMS.
Yuvi gets angry and hold his collar, he says this all your game plan what are you trying to do.

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