This is What Happened In Zee Tv's Kumkum Bhagya

The episode starts with Nikhil says to Tanu that there is no way other than killing Pragya because this is the way we can stop her from telling truth to Abhi.

Tanu says that she will not be able to do anything we just have to snatch the proofs from her.

Nikhil says that we will only do this we will catch Pragya but sometimes we will be able to catch her sometimes not so it is better that we kill her and finish this matter once for all.

Aliya says that we will have to remove Pragya from our way it is the only we will able to complete our motive.

Nikhil makes plan to kill Pragya

Aliya says that we have to do everything with perfect planning so that no one gets any proof against us.

Nikhil says I have already made the plan, I will make Pragya’s car breaks fail so that she meets with an accident and dies.

Pragya tells Abhi everything that how many efforts she made to tell Abhi the truth but all her efforts go in vain.

Abhi says that’s it I don’t want to listen anything if you are saying the truth then why did you tell me the truth before.

Pragya says that I showed you the DNA test report but you did not believe me,Pragya tells that she did not send the divorce papers but Nikhil threatened me that if I will not sign the papers then he will kill Pari.


Pragya tries to tell the truth to Abhi and convince him that she is not lying, Abhi hugs Pragya.
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