Upcoming twist In Suhani Si Ek Ladki

 Yuvraj throws water and it falls on Suhani and Suhani's sindoor gets washed off

In the upcoming episode,  Yuvraj gets the water and says to the kid that he will make them bath today but the kids run away as they don’t want to take bath.

Yuvraj throws water on kids but just then Suhani comes and the water falls on her, her sindoor gets washed off.

Yuvraj gets shocked to see this and he apologizes to Suhani.

As per the current track Yuvraj feels that Suhani is making everyone against him, Krishna and Yuvani makes Yuvraj eat food.

Yuvaan hugs Sambhav

Sambhav asks Yuvaan what he wants as he will go for shopping first and Yuvaan happily hugs him.

Yuvraj drop the kids to meet Suhani and Yuvaan then he goes and says to Pankaj that he will send car to pick up children.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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