Very Shocking Twist in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz Lady injects poision in Shivaye's hand and he falls unconscious, Om gets shocked to see him in this condition

In the upcoming episode, Tej says Shivaye handles the major part of the business so we should be ready with some major alternative in case something happens to him.

Om gets shocked to listen this and the mysterious lady injects poision in Shivaye’s hand, he gets unconscious.

Tej asks Om to sign papers but he gets angry and shouts on him saying that enough is enough.

As per the current track doctor tells Shivaye about his allergies and he says that Shivaye will get fine.

Daadi and Pinky cries

Anika gets worried for Sahil as she is not able to find him.

Anika gets to know that Bunty has taken Sahil with him.

Om tells everyone that Shivaye is in hospital and everyone gets shocked, Daadi and Pinky cries.

Anika searches for Sahil and then she sees bunty.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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