Very Very Shocking Twist in Zee Tv's Kumkum Bhagya

Will Pragya be able to come out of Nikhil’s clutches ?
In the last episode, Nikhil kidnapped both Pragya(Sriti Jha) and Pari. Pragya had come to free Dr.Sheila’s daughter, Pari but she ended up getting trapped herself. Abhi(Shabbir Ahluwalia) was missing Pragya terribly. He was worried that why hasn’t she returned back home. Pragya had told Dadi that she is going out to look for evidence against Tanu(Leena Jumani) and Nikhil and hence in spite of seeing Abhi getting restless, Dadi kept mum. She didn’t want Tanu to get any idea of Pragya’s plans.

We also saw that Aaliya asked Tanu to be aware of Abhi’s plans as he lied to Tanu about his headache and visited Dr. Sheila’s house instead to inquire about the DNA reports. Although Aaliya ensured that Sheila doesn’t utter a word to Abhi, she warned Tanu to be more alert henceforth. Tanu asked Aaliya to help her with her next trick against Pragya.

In today’s episode, Abhi will overhear Tanu and Nikhil’s conversation. He will get even more worried for Pragya. Purab will tell him that she might be in danger. Abhi will set out on a mission to find Pragya.
In the upcoming episodes, Tanu and Aaliya will take advantage of Pragya’s absence and will make Abhi sign the divorce papers. Tanu will threaten Dadi that if she wants to see Pragya alive then she should ask Abhi to sign the divorce papers. 

Frightened for Pragya’s life, Dadi will go to Abhi and tell him that Pragya has sent these divorce papers for him and that she will only come back if he signs these. Abhi will be shocked as he is sure that Pragya would never send divorce papers. Tanu will insist him to sign on the papers as it will be good for all three of them.
Abhi will feel suspicious of the entire situation and hence inspite of several persuasions, would decide to wait for Pragya before signing any papers. Meanwhile, Pragya would continue making attempts of running away from Nikhil.
Will she be able to stop Abhi from signing the divorce papers ?

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