Amazing News For Fans Of Ishqbaaz

Shivaay will now realize that he was wrong about Anika and that he had been troubling her for the wrong reason. He insulted her in front of the entire Oberoi family, and now he is regretting his choices. 

Shivaay is a good guy, but it is very difficult for him to say sorry though (pretty much like every guy on this planet). Omkara and Rudra convince him to apologize to Anika, and, after being hesitant for a while, he finally agrees and goes on to apologize.

Anika decides to use the situation to her advantage and decides to call in Dadi. Dadi being the judge, Anika places a condition, that Shivaay has to speak to her softly, and has to greet her and the list goes on... Shivaay, unwillingly agrees to her conditions since Dadi insists! 

Finally, he does it!

With this, a stage is being set where the romance starts blooming. Now that Shivaay and Anika are on kind-of good terms, we may see their story slowly building up in the near future.

So we can finally wish for some drama with romance now!
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