Amazing News For Fans Of Ishqbaaz

Anika makes Shivaay shocked telling him his order and says that whatever you have said you will get that ready tomorrow.

Anika says that get happy as I will not come tomorrow and Shivaay (Nakul)  asks why to which Anika replies that because tomorrow is rakshabandhan.

Ishana says thank you to Om for talking to his landlord, Om gives her bangles and Ishana says that you are a very nice man.

Love angel advices Rudra to call Romi on rakshabandhan to impress her, Rudra get happy.

Riddhima calls Ishana so Ishana says that I was trying to catch the fraud princess and instigates her against Om.

Anika (Surbhi) gets happy as she will not have to see Shivaye’s face tomorrow just then Shivaye comes that how do you that you don’t have work tomorrow.

Riddhima suspects Om having affair with Bela

Anika says that I have completed my work and Shivaye says that if I find any work incomplete then I will call you and you will have to come.
Riddhima calls Om and gets suspicious to know that he is with Bela on the other hand Rudra invites Romi on rakshabandhan.

Riddhima says to Ishana that she will find out that that whether Om is having affair with Bela or not.

Anika aka Surbhi buys new school shoes for Sahil, Priyanks asks Anika and Soumya to tell them some activity in which her whole family can get involved on Rakshabandhan.

Everyone picks chit from the bowl and Priyanka ask to open the chit and whole the you have to behave like that person whom name comes in the chit.
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