Good News For Zee Tv's Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya gets shocked when Purab tells her that Aliya and Tanu are behind Abhi's accident

In the upcoming episode, Purab comes to hospital and says to Pragya that he wants to talk to her.

Purab says to Pragya that why she told Aliya about Abhi, Pragya says that she is his sister and she has the right to know about Abhi.

Purab then tells Pragya that she does not deserves to be called his sister neither she deserves to know about him.

Pragya cries

Because Aliya and Tanu planned this accident and they are responsible for it, Pragya gets shocked.

As per the current track Abhi gets alives and doctor shifts him to OT then Pragya prays to god to save him.

Abhi’s daadi with the family reaches hospital and Pragya hugs her, she asks how all this happened.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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