Kumkum Bhagya : Abhi secretly drops.....

Sarla, Dadi returning home and scolds Pragya for being so late for home.

Pragya says that she will compensate for this and will cook food for them, Pragya takes up vegetable bag but changes her hand.

Sarla, Dadi inquires about it but Pragya makes excuse but she has done this just to hide Abhi's autograph in her hand.

Abhi inquires Aliya about Dadi's changed behavior, Aliya makes excuse and says that it's not like this.

Pragya prepares food but is conscious about autograph on her hand, uses polybag to cover her hand.

Abhi inquires to Dadi that why has she changed like this as she has stopped talking about his marriage.

Dasi comes and says that he is already married, then realizes that they have to hide about Pragya.

Sarla and Dadi are happy that Pragya are happy these days and feels happy to see Pragya like this happy and trying to take pleasure in her work.

Abhi-Pragya's special celebrity-fan bond 

Abhi comes to office for song recording when some fans also enters to get Abhi's autograph, but Abhi gets irked.

Abhi says that how can he give so many interviews and will give only to his special fans, Pragya asks how will he decide that.

Abhi asks all this fans to give one accessories of them, Pragya collects it and brings it to Abhi.

Aliya comes to office to talk to Abhi about the music recording and other details about the recording.

Abhi secretly drops his one accessory to it, asks fans to find which one is his accessory.

Pragya and Abhi talks to each other romantically.
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