Kumkum Bhagya : Pragya concerned about....

Aliya coming out of office, Pragya leaves from there thinks about Abhi.
Pragya is worried for Abhi thinks to leave job for Abhi's betterment, Pragya is tensed for Abhi.
Purab finds about Abhi leaving music contract and comes to explain him about not doing al this.
Purab says that he had changed in last two years because of someone but now he is back.

Abhi asks for whom had he changed, asks Aliya to tell truth but she manipulates situation.
Aliya says he changed because of Purab and makes Abhi go against Purab and changes situation.
Pragya concerned about Abhi 

Pragya thinks about Abhi and gets sad, Pragya's dadi sees her and consoles her saying that everything wil be ok.
Dadi says that one day she will get back Abhi in her life and both will get reunited back.
Aliya warns Purab to stay away from Abhi and not tell past things to him as it can endager Abhi's life.
Dadi suggest Pragya to not leave job as she and Abhi are made for each other and unite one day.
Pragya sees doll and misses Abhi. 
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