Mindblowing twist in Zee Tv's Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya creating drama to convince her family for her job.

Dadi and Sarla agrees, supports Pragya in this and she gets happy that her plan gets successful.

Pragya leaves to search for job, Dadi prays for Pragya's well being when Abhi comes there.

Abhi was dealing with hiccups and asks Dadi that why these hiccups comes, Dadi says when someone remembers then it comes.

Abhi reaches the office for her interview, sees Abhi's pictures there finds it to be Abhi's music company.

Pragya gets the receptionist job in Abhi's office, Pragya gets happy as she gets chance to be near Abhi.

Pragya joins Abhi's music company 

Pragya comes out of the office, Abhi was going in his car was listening to music.

Abhi's car hits Pragya, people gets collected and scolds driver and the crowd gets angry over Abhi.

Pragya sees Abhi inside the car and recalls doctors warning not to force Abhi to recall anything.

Pragya asks crowd to not bother Abhi as it was her fault that she was not paying attention on road.

Aliya sees Pragya in Abhi's office. 
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