OMG This is What Happened In Ishqbaaz

 Gayatri says to Roop to find out security code  of Oberoi house, she says then I will play such a trick that you will go inside the house and your brothers outside the house.

Shivaye asks Om to sketch her photo then Rudra says that she is beautiful.

Rudra try to find Mala just then he sees her, Sahil threatens bua that he will burn his hair if she will not tell that where she has kept the money.

Rudra finds out Ishana's truth and informs Shivaye-Rudra

Shivaye asks Anika if she is fine so she says yes, Shivaye says that means my idea to throw water was right and Shivaye smiles.

Sahil calls Anika and informs her everything that how bua wasted all the money and she gets tensed.

Rudra calls Shivaye and tells that Bela is infront of her then he gets to know that Bela’s real name is Ishana.

 Rudra tells that this is that man who sent me and Om jail, then he sents the pic to them.

Shivaye says that means Bela is a conn girl and promises he will expose Ishana soon.

Om scolds Ishana and she gets emotional saying that dont say anything about my family.
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