Shocker Ishana gets exposed In Ishqbaaz

 Pinky makes Shwetlana jealous seeing that  Jhanvi and Tej are sitting together

In the upcoming episode, Tej calls Shwetlana in house to see the secutriy so that no one can breach it again.

While Tej and Jhanvi are sitting together Pinky makes Shwetlana jealous saying that Jhani-Tej are coming close to each other.

Pinky says that they both love each other a lot and now no one will be able to separate them, she says that they are looking cute together.

Ishana gets exposed

Shwetlana gets angry to see and hear all this and goes from there in anger, Pinky smiles.

On the other hand finally Ishana gets exposed and Om gets to know that she is both Mala and Bela.

Om gets shocked and feels bitrayed as she lied from him so many times.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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