This is What Happened In Ishqbaaz

Anika calls Sahil that there was some problem so she is getting late and she will come soon.

Shivaye asks Anika that why did she opened the door and she says that what you are trying to say that everything happens because of me.

Anika says that she was waiting for Tia and she says that she has gone to bring something from the car that is why she was waiting for her.

Tia says that you are blaming me but if I knew that she will make such a big issue then she will never ask her to open the door.

Shivaye asks Anika that she is stupid that she left the door open and you did not care about the family because she is a outsider.

Shivaye gets angry on Anika

Shivaye says that people like her can go to any extend for money and Anika says that she needs to go home.

But Shivaye stops her and says that you cannot leave my family in danger like this and Shivaye says that as if you are always innocent.

Soumya says to Romi that she will not make him friend with Romi, Shivaye says to Daadi that when she has Anika came to life every now and then we are going through one or the other thing.

Shivaye says sorry to Anika and say that she is avery good girl and Anika gets shocked.
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