This is What Happened In Ishqbaaz

Shivaye tries stop Rudra from taking bath then Rudra shouts and everyone gets afraid.

Just then Rudra comes out and says that he slipped and fall, Anika stopped the main supply of water and saves Rudra.

Shivaye gets angry that Shwetlana failed to do her responsibility and Tej says that she failed to keep the security of Oberoi family.

Rudra informs Om that someone again attacked on the family and he gets shocked.

Shwetlana says that inspite of the tight security we are not able stop the attacks that means something from the family is giving the information to the outsider.

Daadi tastes the sweet and asks Anika to order the sweets from Raju halwayi and asks her to call Rudra.

Anika calls Rudra and Rudra and Shivaye try to investigate that who gave the chip so the man says that Ashok’s wife gave him the chip.

Shivaye comes and says to Anika that what she is planning this time; he blames Anika for all the attacks.

Anika leaves the job

Anika says you have started again and Shivaye asks whom are you working for.

Shivaye says to Anika that who are you what is your identity and who are your parents did they do something in their lives.

Anika gets angry and ask Shivaye to leave her then she gives all the documents to Shivaye and she says that she is leaving the job.

Anika says that you have just learned how to earn money and nothing else, she says do me a favor never show me your face.

 Shivaye says to Tej that Anika is working for Gayatri to do all these attacks and Daadi says that she is not like that.

Rudra says that Anika did not so anything she is innocent.

Anika throws water in Shivaye's face again.
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