Upcoming Twist in Swaragini

Swara and Ragini determines to get Maheshwari's property back from Adarsh-Parineeta

In the upcoming episode, Swara and Ragini says that finally they have got successful in savin their brother and exposing Adarsh-parineeta.

They say that they have also exposed Daadi but now they have to make one thing right and then everything will get fine.

They say that they will together have to do something to get the property back from Adarsh-Parineeta.

Swara and Ragini will now make some master plan to get the property and makes everything fine.

Daadi starts emotional drama as she does not wants to leave home

On the oher hand Daadi has called ladies of mahila sanghatan to create emotional drama as Shekhar has asked her to leave the house.

Will Swara and Ragini be able to get the property back from Adarsh-Parineeta.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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