Why Anika Did This in Ishqbaaz

Soumya says that this year Priyanka wants a special gift from everyone.

Priyanka asks everyone to pick one chit and whoever name comes you have to act like that paerson for the whole day.

Anika gives gifts to Sahil and he gets very happy, Sahil gives new slippers to Anika so she gets emotional.

Pinky gets worried that how will she act like Jhanvi, Daadi says to Tej that Priyanka is the only daughter of the house so you should do this for her.

Tej agrees and says she will do it, Rudra says that it is very easy to act like Shivaye.

Shivaye says that are we getting worried as the work for organizing everything is of Anika so I will call her.

Anika’s bua apologizes Anika but she refuses to apologize and Sahil pushes bua, she hits with the wall and faints.

Anika gets angry and slaps Sahil for misbehvaing

Anika scolds Sahil and slaps him as he says that it will be good if bua dies just then Shivaye calls Anika and she gets irritated.

Anika refuses to come to Oberoi mansion then she apologizes Sahil then Daadi calls Anika to come to Oberoi mansion and he agrees.

Sahil gets upset from Anika as she is going to Oberoi mansion for work on the other hand Pinky helps Jhanvi to act like her.

Anika comes and brings all the things then she ask everyone to get ready.

Everyone gets ready and one by one comes in front of Priyanka.
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