Here Is What Happened In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Ishwari and Nikki tensed as Dev doesn't come to pick them up.

Ishwari and Nikki takes taxi and goes to home, Dev us sitting tensed at his office.

Mamaji calls Dev and says that why did he not go to pick up Ishwari, Dev gets irritated.

Rithvik's father talks to Sonakshi's family about their engagement, but Rithvik says they should give more time to Sonakshi.

Sonakshi enters just then and says she is ready for the engagement and wants it to happen as soon as possible.

Rithvik is shocked hearing this, Rithvik tries to talk to Sonakshi finds that she is upset.

Rithvik tells Sonakshi about his past relationship, Rithvik consoles Sonakshi saying that it's necessary to move on.

Dev is restless at home and break glass hurts himself, Mamaji comes to him and gives first aid to him.

Mamaji tells Dev that he needs to stand for his love nor his life will get ruined without life.

Mamaji says that Sonakshi can't remain happy with anyone else, Dev says yes Sonakshi's decision is wrong.

Dev tries to break Rithvik-Sonakshi's alliance 

Dev says Sonakshi is hurting herself to punish him, Sonakshi's phone rings and Rithvik goes to pick it up sees Dev calling her.

Dev is restless as Sonakshi is not picking up his call, Dev says that Sonakshi can't punish herself for his mistake.

Rithvik is upset seeing that Dev is still calling Sonakshi, Sonakshi's father recognizes it and asks Rithvik about it.

Rithvik says that Sonakshi is a good girl and he will be lucky if he gets married with Sonakshi.

Sonakshi's father warns Ishwari to stop Dev from calling Sonakshi.
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