Here is What Happened Last Episode In Ishqbaaz

The current episode starts with Rudra and Omkara trying to stop Shivaay from marrying Tia.

Rudra says that he likes Anika and not Tia, Shivaay says that she is not of his class and speaks ill words.

Anika comes just then and hears all, Rudra-Om gets angry over Shivaay and leaves.

Anika comes to make Shivaay choose one dress for his marriage and both shares awkward silence amid them.

Shivaay gets lost in Anika's eyes and she is also sad, asks Shivaay to make wise decision.

Riddhima asks to Shivaay which Sherwani is he wearing, Riddhima also asks Anika what is she wearing.

Anika stumbles while going and was about to fall, Shivaay worries for Anika and says that what will he do if anything happens to her.

Rudra, Om, Anika gets shocked hearing this from Shivaay, Shivaay clears that as there is much work left.

Rudra-Omkara are not happy with Shivaay's decision, Shivaay says that it's not happy moment for him as his brothers are not supporting him.

Rudra gets emotional seeing Shivaay and says that he and Omkara will support him if he is happy with this decision.

Anika and Shivaay's hidden love brings them closer 

Anika is tensed over Shivaay's marriage but couldn't say anything, Anika goes to Dadi and convinces her to remain happy for Shivaay.

Dadi is sad with Shivaay's decision of marrying Tia in such hurry but Anika asks Dadi to support Shivaay as it is his happiness.

Dadi agrees to Anika and says that she is just like Shivaay who keeps family before themselves. 

Shivaay gets mesmerized seeing mandap of his and Tia's marriage. 
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