OMG! MindBlowing Twist in Ishqbaaaz

Siddharth's mother fails to understand Malika (Surbhi Jyoti) point of view so Shivaye takes stand for her. In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Malika try to make Siddharth understand her point of view.

Malika try to make him understand that she just wants be given equal importance like Siddharth.

Just then Siddharth's aka Vishal  mom comes and she speaks against Malika's point of view.

Siddharth's mother feels that persona has choices in life it just depends what the person want to do and Malika decided to ran away from marriage.

Malika (surbhi) gets hurt as Siddharth mother says her decision to make her daughter in law was wrong

Siddharth's mother feels that it is their fault as she chose wrong daughter in law for her family.
Malika gets hurt hearing all this and Shivaye (NAkuul Mehta)  gets angry, so he takes stand for Malika.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist in Ishqbaaaz .
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