This is What Happened In Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi telling Aliya about Pragya aka Nikita and says that she is special.

Aliya warns Abhi to stay away from her as she can be dangerous if he gives too much importance to her.

Aliya is scared as she don't want Abhi to meet Pragya, Aliya leaves room when Abhi sings song murmuring fuggi.

Abhi says it's first line of his song says that this word came randomly to his mind, and dings it again.

Aliya gets tensed hearing this and takes out her angry over Robin and slaps him.

Abhi was at home with some guests and recalls Abhi, Pragya smiles while Sarla is tensed seeing this.

Pragya is happy that she is near Abhi and spends time with her love Abhi, Pragya smiles recalling all.

Aliya calls Pragya and calls to meet her, Pragya goes to meet Aliya outside her house.

Aliya says that she really thinks that she don't know what she is doing and increasing closeness with Abhi.

Pragya says that Abhi is unaffected after meeting him so why should she stay away from Abhi.

Pragya stands against Aliya for love Abhi 

Pragya says that she is scared that if Abhi recalls everything then he will throw her out of his life and house.

Pragya says that Abhi will always remain connected to her through their love bond and says that she will not stay away from Abhi.

Aliya warns Pragya that she will not let destiny and their love bring them closer again.

Pragya challenges that she will soon unite with Abhi and thus defeat her making her love win over her evilness.

Aliya plans to do something to keep Abhi away from Pragya and thus plans to use Tanu for her plan against Pragya.

Aliya comes to Abhi and asks him to come with her, Dadi is tensed seeing Aliya's behavior.

Aliya takes Abhi to Tanu's photoshoot and Abhi looks at her with strange expression.

Abhi gives flower to Pragya and both smiles at each other.
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