Upcoming Twist and Turns In Brahmarakshas

Rishabh (Aham Sharma)-Raina's (Krystle Dsouza) plan successfully kills Brahmarakshas 

The upcoming episode of Brahmarakshas will show high voltage action drama where Aparajita and Rishabh plans to kill Brahmarakshas.

Aparajita agrees to Rishabh's plan as she also wants to get rid of Brahmarakshas and his terror.

Aparajita gets Raina dressed up like herself in bride avatar to trap Brahmarakshas.

Brahmarakshas successfully gets into Rishabh, Aparajita's plan and finds that its Raina.

Brahmarakshas gets killed by Rishabh-Raina 

Brahmarakshas thus attacks Aparajita where Rishabh comes to her rescue and fights with Brahmarakshas.

Raina makes preparations to kill Brahmarakshas and lights fire in which Rishabh pushes Brahmarakshas to kill him.

Let's see this the end of Brahmarakshas or there is some more twist and turns in the story.

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