Very Shocking Changes In Storytrack Of Ishqbaaaz

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz, produced by 4 Lions Films will go through a revamp when it comes to the track related to Ishana, essayed by actress Vrushika Mehta. As we know, Ishana’s character is paired opposite Omkara, essayed by Kunal Jaisingh.

Why? What prompted this change?

Well, the inside scoop that we  have got is that the Ishqbaaz team and the research team are apparently unhappy with the Ishana track, and are into a phase of ‘rethinking’ as to how the track should progress now.

Yes, it only means that Vrushika Mehta aka Ishana will be on a ‘break’ from the show, till the time the creative think-tank figure out a different track.

A credible source tells us, “The research has shown people being unhappy with the Ishana track and ratings in fact showing a low point in the episode when her scenes come. So for the moment, the team has decided to take a break from that track and focus more on Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Ridhima’s (Shireena Sambyal) breakup instead of the Ishaana track.”

Well, while the ‘research’ theory seems to be the plausible reason for the Ishana track taking a back seat, sources confide in us that the Ishqbaaaz team is also apparently irritated with the way Vrushika’s fans have spread negativity around!!
Aww!! That’s some startling truth...

Our source further explains, “The behaviour of the Vrushika Mehta  fans is something unimaginable. They harass the writers and creative team online on Twitter and on Instagram, and this is indeed unpardonable. They get harrowed by the flow of indecent comments coming in. Above all, it is not possible to expect any decorum from people who hide behind anonymity and cross all lines of decency. So this step has been taken to keep them away from all this bizarre behavior.”
We also hear that actress Vrushika Mehta (Ishana)  has been subtly notified by the channel and production house of her track being on a break.

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