Future Twist Story Of Colors Show Naagin 2

In Colors PopularShow Naagin season 2 Shivangi (Mouni Roy) finds about her naagin identity, Shivanya worried 
The upcoming episode of Naagin season 2 will show high voltage drama and action in Shivangi and Rocky's marriage.
Shivangi & Rocky's love brings them together, Yamini also agreed for marriage with intentions to get Naagmani.
Yamini wants to get Naagmani by hook or by crook and is ready to do anything for it thus agrees for Rocky and Shivangi's marriage.
Yamini plans to kill Shivanya taking her past revenge from her and getting Naagmani but Ruchika aka Sesha stops her.
Shivangi finds truth 
Shivangi is happy for her marriage to whom she loves that is Rocky, while Shivanya could sense some danger.
Shivanya warns Shivangi about upcoming danger and seeks help from gurudev, who suggest Shivanya to stay alert.
While the upcoming episode will show that Shivangi will find about her naagin identity.
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