Naamkaran : Asha is shocked hearing....

In Star Plus  Mahesh Bhatt's Naamkaran Ashish (Viraf Patel) &  Asha (Barkha Bisht Sengupta) worried for Avni's confused state

The upcoming episode of Naamkaran will show high voltage drama where Asha is tensed over Avni's behavior.

Ashish and Asha's bitter relationship affects Avni adversely and it shows effect over her behavior.

Simi and Ashok talks to each other about Ashish and Asha's hidden relationship, Ashok says that Avni is illegitimate child.

Avni hears this but couldn't understand anything, Avni asks Asha that is she a illegitimate child.

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Ashish-Asha worried for Avni

Asha is shocked hearing this and hugs Avni asks her not to repeat this word ever again.

Avni's innocent questions haunt Asha whole night and is worried for Avni and her confused state.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes. 
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